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Things To Remember When Planning For Monsoon Wedding Aisle

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Images of beautiful monsoon weddings have spoiled us on the internet. However, organizing a wedding during the monsoon may require greater attention to detail. Numerous things could go wrong, from water blocking to guests experiencing problems due to the weather. Therefore, we have a checklist for you to use as a planning tool so you can stay organized and avoid monsoon disasters.

Wedding Venue

An indoor location should unquestionably be the first option for a wedding aisle during the monsoon season. Additionally, indoor locations are a much safer and better choice because they eliminate the worry that your wedding attire will get dirty in the mud. Choose a site that offers indoor and outdoor wedding space if you still want an outdoor location as a backup in case the rain spares you that day. The ideal location would have an open area for when it’s not raining and a covered, air-conditioned interior room for when it is. You can benefit from the best of both worlds in this way. Even though it can be challenging to organize an outdoor wedding with the possibility of rain at any time, they can nonetheless be stunning! Your guests will undoubtedly witness a dreamy wedding thanks to the pleasant weather and the lush surroundings. In such circumstances, choose a farm property or an Airbnb with fantastic views of lush vegetation! However, if you must select an indoor location because of the weather, be sure there are no water logging issues inside or outside the venue.

Services for Visitors

It doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outdoors. It is vital to provide your visitors with monsoon-friendly accommodations. What if it starts to rain as they enter the venue from the parking lot? That won’t go down well with your guests; we’re sure of it! So make sure to have some napkins, towels, and even umbrellas for your visitors to grab swiftly.

Power Reserve

When it comes to monsoons and power, don’t take any chances! If it rains, there is a reasonable probability of a power outage. Therefore, ensure the location has a power backup so the ceremony won’t be hindered or interrupted.


The wedding aisle decor is one of the trickiest things to plan during the monsoon season. The wedding decorations are most likely to be harmed if there is a threat of sudden rain or a windstorm. If your setup is outdoors, you must carefully choose among durable items—everything, whether new flowers or flimsy constructions, won’t endure the rain and will blow away. Even while fresh flowers have a certain allure, the humidity can cause them to wilt away very quickly.

Therefore, choosing a solid structure that won’t be moved by wind and can stay set is advisable. You can also decide to use artificial flowers in your wedding aisle decor. These remain in place and even appear beautiful in the photographs. For that quirky feel, you may even add little umbrellas as decoration.


High humidity attracts Numerous bacteria, which can spoil foods, including mushrooms, spinach, seafood, and other leafy vegetables. Ensure the food is cooked in a sanitary environment because you wouldn’t want your guests to become sick after eating it. For this reason, it is important to choose fresh veggies and ensure they are stored in a sanitary environment. 

And who can forget the wonderful feeling of tea and pakoras during the rainy season? Give your guests a memorable wedding experience by serving kulhad tea and delicious munchies. Who doesn’t enjoy stuffing themselves silly with a plateful of tasty treats from many cuisines?

Monsoon-Themed Pre-Wedding Photography

For your pre-wedding photo session, skip the customary theme and opt for the apparent monsoon. Rain may elevate your pre-wedding photo session most romantically. Photographs of the rain are both beautiful and unusual. You may always add adorable extras, like colorful umbrellas, to make it more enjoyable and unique. 

The Perfect Add-On For Monsoon Wedding Aisle Is A Dehumidifier

In the case of interior setups, dehumidifiers are one of the most excellent things to have in your wedding aisle location. No matter how well-ventilated the site is, the humidity and heat will undoubtedly start to take over, making it seem stuffy and moist. The dehumidifier helps in this situation to maintain the space dry and free of humidity. Your guests will appreciate it, we promise!

Guest Transportation

We must carefully plan guest transportation during a monsoon wedding to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety. First, choose well-maintained, robust vehicles that can drive on slick, rainy roads. If using buses, ensure they have mud flaps and tires suitable for rainy weather. To prevent delays, make alternative plans in case of road closures or flooding. Thanks to effective guest transportation management, everyone involved will have a flawless and joyful monsoon wedding experience.

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