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We invite guest bloggers to submit content for our website. Our blog is read by thousands of people around the world, so if you have something to share that you think will benefit our readers, then we want to hear from you.

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Submit Guest Blogs for Our Website
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Submission Checklist

A guest post submission checklist is a set of guidelines for authors to follow in order to ensure that their content meets the blog’s submission requirements and standards. It covers topics such as content formatting, blog guidelines, and the types of posts that are acceptable.

Topics welcomes all these topics.

Home & Garden

All home & garden-related posts are welcomed.

Celebration & Parties

All celebration posts are welcomed, with the exception of those involving prohibited activities.


We only accept guest posts on technology that can be used inside a home.


This checklist is designed to ensure that the article is properly formatted before submission.


Please do not use H1 headings in your article.


Articles should be divided into relevant sections, with appropriate headings (H2, H3, etc.) to indicate breaks.


Each paragraph should be no more than 3 sentences long.


Articles should be written in clear, concise English.


Articles should include relevant images and captions, submitted as separate files (.jpg or .png).

Articles should include relevant internal and external links, with appropriate anchor text.


Articles should include appropriate attribution to sources (images, videos) or websites, where applicable.


Articles should be between 500-3000 words in length.


Articles should be submitted in Google docs or MS word format (.docx).

SEO Optimized

This checklist provides an overview of the essential steps to take when optimizing a guest post for SEO.


Ensure that the title is catchy, descriptive, and contains your chosen keyword & also the title length is less than 60 characters.

Keyword Stuffing

Ensure that the keyword is used throughout the article (in the body, titles, headings, and meta tags) and also ensure that the keyword is used in a natural and organic manner, without being forced or excessive.


• Use appropriate heading tags
• Include the keyword in the first paragraph
• Include the keyword in the last paragraph
• Include the keyword in the alt text of images
• Use external (backlink) & internal links

Essential Points

Ensure your content is ready for publishing by following these essential steps: proofread, review copyright and trademark policies, check formatting, verify accuracy of content, and test any media. By taking the time to complete these steps, you can ensure a smooth publication process with no unexpected problems.


Make sure the content is relevant to the website or related to above mentioned topics.


Make sure your post is unique and not plagiarized.


Check for grammar and spelling errors before submitting your post.


Make sure the post is formatted properly and is easy to read.

Must include a backlink to the website with the target keyword as anchor text.