Vintage-Inspired living room

How to Design a Creative Vintage-Inspired Look for Your Living Room

Penny round tiles can be versatile for incorporating a unique touch into the living room design. They can be used both as flooring and accent features, depending on the desired aesthetic and overall vision for the space.
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Bring a creative, vintage-inspired look to your living room using penny tiles. Learn how to make and build your dream living room with your desired theme. 

Designing a vintage-inspired living room allows for incorporating nostalgic elements, creating a unique and charming space. Seek inspiration from vintage designs to achieve a distinctive outcome. 

The old style evokes a sense of family togetherness and can add warmth to your living room. Blend modern and vintage pieces for a diverse class, combining historical treasures with contemporary elements to prevent the room from appearing stagnant.

By seeking inspiration, merging the old with the new, and embracing a creative approach, your vintage-inspired living room becomes a haven of individual style and expression. It becomes a space that captures the essence of bygone eras and reflects your unique personality and design sensibilities.

Using Penny Round Tiles in Living Room Design: Flooring and Accent Ideas

Penny round tiles can be versatile for incorporating a unique touch into the living room design. They can be used both as flooring and accent features, depending on the desired aesthetic and overall vision for the space.

  • Flooring: Penny round tiles can create a visually interesting and dynamic floor surface in the living room. They add a distinct texture and charm to the room, whether installed across the entire floor or in specific areas. The small, rounded shape of the tiles allows for various patterns and arrangements, such as straight lines, herringbone, or even intricate designs. This flexibility in layout provides opportunities to customize the look and create a flooring design that perfectly complements the overall style of the living room.
  • Accent Features: Penny round tiles can also be utilized as accent features in the living room. They can be incorporated as decorative elements on walls, fireplace surrounds, or backsplash. These smaller installations can add a pop of visual interest and draw attention to specific areas within the room. By incorporating penny round tiles as accents, you can infuse a vintage charm or a touch of playfulness, depending on the color and material chosen.

When using penny round tiles in living room design, it’s essential to consider the overall aesthetic and balance within the space. Whether used as flooring or accent features, penny round tiles offer a unique opportunity to create a visually captivating living room that showcases your personal style and adds a distinct touch of character.

Ways to Design a Creative, Vintage-Inspired Look for Your Living Room

1. Look for Inspiration

You can start by getting ideas from different places, like books, websites like Pinterest or Instagram, or even old shops. Look for pictures that show the old style you like and make a list of the most important parts.

2. Plan Your Color Palette

The color palettes that look vintage often have muted tones, pastels, and earthy colors. Think about colors like soft blue, dusty pink, sage green, and warm neutrals. 

Find out what color combinations were popular in your era, like the Victorian era, mid-century modern, or the 1970s.

3. Select Your Desired Furniture

Look for pieces of furniture that make you think of the past. 

You can find unique vintage or vintage-inspired furniture in antique shops, thrift stores, street markets, or online marketplaces. Look for features like intricate carvings, tapered legs, tufted upholstery, and curved shapes. 

Mixing and matching different types of furniture from different periods can give a room an interesting and eclectic look.

4. Choose Your Decorations

Choosing accents that look old can give your living room more personality. 

Think about adding vintage-style clocks, ornate mirrors, vintage posters or artwork, decorative trunks, old books, vintage cameras, antique vases, and old photos in vintage frames. 

You can find these things in old shops or flea markets, or they may have been given to you by a family member.

The decorations will add details to your living room’s vintage-inspired look.

5. Plan Your Patterns

Choose fabrics that fit in with the retro style. Look for floral or plant prints, damask designs, lace, embroidered fabrics, and wallpapers that look like they came from the past. Use these fabrics to make curtains, throw pillows, furniture, or wallpaper for a feature wall.

Always plan ahead of time to ensure that your living room’s output is done according to your creativity and taste.

6. Choose Right Lighting

Vintage-style lighting can make a big difference in how your living room feels. Look for chandeliers, pendant lights, or table lamps that have styles that look like they came from the past. Choose pieces with intricate features made of brass, glass, or wrought iron.

You can use soft lighting to add ambiance and create a welcoming feeling for your guests. 

Penny Round Mosaic Tile for a Vintage-Looking Space

Penny round tiles are an excellent choice for creating a vintage-looking space with their timeless appeal. They are available in a variety of materials, including clay, porcelain, glass, and natural stone, each offering unique qualities in terms of durability, appearance, and maintenance requirements.

To facilitate installation, penny-round mosaic tiles are often attached to mesh sheets or formed into tile mosaics. The mesh sheets hold multiple tiles together, making the installation process more efficient and convenient. These sheets can also be easily cut to fit different spaces, ensuring a precise and even placement of the tiles.

When installing penny-round mosaic tiles, grout fills the spaces between them. The choice of grout color can significantly impact the overall aesthetic. Opting for a grout color that matches the tiles creates a uniform and cohesive look while selecting a contrasting color can highlight the unique shapes of the tiles, adding visual interest to the space.

By considering the material, mesh sheets for easy installation, and the choice of grout color, you can enhance the vintage charm of the space using penny-round mosaic tiles while ensuring a seamless and visually appealing result.


In conclusion, embracing the vintage style in your living room design allows you to create a space that is not only visually appealing but also deeply personal. By infusing your taste and desires into the design process, you can curate a living room that speaks to your unique personality and helps foster a sense of inner healing.

Remember to pay attention to the finer details, as even small changes like vintage-inspired door knobs, switch plates, and curtain rods can make a significant difference in achieving the desired vintage look. These subtle touches add authenticity and character to the room, enhancing its ambiance.

So, as you embark on creating your vintage-inspired living room, enjoy the process and let your imagination soar. The result will be a space that captures the essence of the vintage era and brings a sense of joy and fulfillment to your everyday life.

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