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How Pipe Relining Sydney Professionals Can Extend the Life of Your Home’s Plumbing System

Pipe relining Sydney professionals can restore your plumbing to its optimal condition and even extend its life to decades and more with different methods of pipe relining.
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If you’ve ever experienced sewer, drainage or water pipe problems in your home, you’ll probably think it’s the end of the world for you, but no! We understand how frustrating and inconvenient they can be, and that’s why we bring you good news. Pipe relining Sydney professionals can restore your plumbing to its optimal condition and even extend its life to decades and more with different methods of pipe relining. As to how the relining professionals can do this, make sure to keep reading to know why.

  1. We use durable and Australian watermark approved materials – A while back, it became a legal requirement for Sydney pipe relining companies to use Watermark-approved materials and products. Anything outside that guidelines is considered unsuitable for use within Australia. One of the consequences of using non-watermark is product failure resulting in building and/or property damage and loss. That means you can trust that your plumbing system is not only restored to full functionality when it’s relined but is also guaranteed durable and you won’t face issues on the relined sections going forward. 

    Our materials are top-of-the-line and are made in the UK and Germany. We don’t settle for less. We want to provide the best there is for our customers to guarantee quality workmanship.
  1. Pipe relining Sydney companies guarantee product warranty – Trusted Sydney relining solutions companies not only use the best quality materials that are safe for use for plumbing and drainage but are also covered with product warranty. Other companies offer 20-25 years, but our customers get a lifetime product warranty on the relined sections of the pipe. Yes, you heard it right! We are confident that we’re installing the world’s superb and long-lasting materials in our customer’s plumbing systems, so they never ever have to call about a blockage or leaking again. If ever you have a blockage again on a section we relined, we will return at no cost to you at all.

    On top of the warranty, we also provide free annual inspections on the relined sections as a bonus benefit.
  1. It’s fixed by professionals – Reliable companies carry out CCTV drain inspection first to locate all compromised areas and make sure the pipeline is free from all types of build-up before they commence the work using a high-pressure water jetter. We specifically follow strict procedures in relining because it’s a job that can easily result in a failed outcome, more issues and more expenses for both the customers and us if one step is not properly done. When your pipework is relined, you can sleep soundly knowing it was fixed by professionals to the highest standard and there’s no way it will crop up with the same problem.

What are the telltale signs you need pipe relining services Sydney?

Plumbing systems are hidden from plain sight, so it likely gets attention until it completely breaks down or is showing signs of failure. Fortunately, it’s not as hard to tell that it requires tender love and care. You just have to watch for the signs below.

  • Odd odours coming from a sink or drains.
  • Toilet makes a gurgling noise when it flushes.
  • Water damage such as stains, dirty marks, or dampness, in your home.
  • Musty smell, excessive warping walls and vinyl tiles and other structural oddities.
  • Stagnant water in the yard which can cause vegetation to go unusually verdant.
  • Low water pressure or frequent toilet backups.
  • Mould appearances, especially in areas where your pipes are located.
  • If you have nearby trees where a network of tree roots can break into your pipe.

If you notice your home has one or more of these signs, it will be best to call the Pipe Relining Sydney professionals right away. These are issues that may seem not to require immediate action, but if left to go on, will only bring more costly and massive damage into your home.

When is pipe relining the best option for you?

  • You don’t want to deal with blockage and other drain-related problems anymore – If you’re better off paying a professional once and for all to ensure your drain system at home works optimally than hiring a plumber 10x every time you run into another trouble, then pipe relining is the best option for you. Relined pipes have a longer lifespan than pipes fixed with traditional methods, making your investment more rewarding.
  • You want a less intrusive repair than traditional dig up methods – Pipe relining professionals seal up damaged pipe completely, leaving no opportunity for leaks, or tree roots to intrude the relined section again. They do this with zero to a very minimal disturbance to the property only. If the damaged pipe is under a building or your property, essentially, cleaning and fixing the mess spells extra cost and inconvenience. If you choose to reline, you can save thousands for these works.

At Revolution Pipe Relining, our plumbers have all the experience, tools and equipment to fix blockage, cracked, or leaking pipe regardless of how complex or simple it is. We can extend the life of your drain pipes whether it’s only sealing cracks or completely relining long metres of pipe. We offer obligation-free quotes and can beat the pipe relining cost of other companies for you! So, get your drain problems fixed by the professionals right now!

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