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What Is Diamond Painting And How To Do It?

Diamond Painting is the Art of painting to make images or patterns with cross stitches by using colorful beads and facet beads. These materials are called "drills" and "diamonds."
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Diamond Painting is the Art of painting to make images or patterns with cross stitches by using colorful beads and facet beads. These materials are called “drills” and “diamonds.” These diamonds are applied to a sticky canvas to create amazing artful paintings.

How is Diamond Painting done?

Diamond Painting kit is required for doing Diamond Painting; the canvas used in Diamond Paintings has a color code. It uses different colors to identify, to stick the diamonds on a particular place on the canvas. There

Are symbols, numbers, and alphabets for guidance in placing the diamonds in the specific spot on the canvas to create beautiful Art? The canvas has glue, which helps the diamonds to be applied to it.

Why do you need to try Diamond Painting?

diamond painting pencil

Everyone should try Diamond Painting as it is a great, relaxing activity that can bring lots of joy and help to relieve the brain from daily life’s stress. It’s simple yet enjoyable, interesting, and delightful. 

Diamond Painting does not require major skills, Lots of practice, huge amounts of time, and learning Art from scratch. So get the Diamond Painting kit, start painting, join the diamonds, and alter the small diamonds into beautiful Art.

Creating Art will not only make you happy, but it can help you get the respect of people around you. You can show them you have some talent and get praise in return.

Diamond Painting is great because it is not only limited to skillful painters, but noobs can also make good progress. Furthermore, diamond Paintings are not restricted to any age group; they can amuse children, teenagers, middle-agers, and older people.

What is a Diamond Painting kit?

diamond painting kit

A diamond Painting kit is a set of tools necessary to create Diamond Paintings.

What is included in the Diamond Painting kit?

  1. A Diamond Painting kit has the following items
  2. A pre-printed canvas has design charts, and sticking is on the canvas.
  3. Packs of different colored diamonds, each in a separate pack.
  4. The diamond pen tool picks diamonds and puts them on the canvas.
  5. Wax is applied on the pen to pick up diamonds.
  6. Tweezers are also used to place the diamonds.

Types of Diamond shapes

types of diamond shapes

The diamonds in the Custom Diamond Paintings come in various shapes. This is because different types of kits have different shapes of diamonds. The difference in diamond shapes has particular uses and purposes, and the shapes of the diamonds depend on the person’s level.

The shapes of diamonds are as follows:

  1. Round Diamonds
  2. Square Diamonds
  3. Aurora Borealis
  4. 3D Diamonds
  5. 5D Diamonds

Round diamonds are simple; they can be applied and placed easily and swiftly. These shapes are ideal for beginners and noobs.

Square diamonds are square; they take effort and practice to apply. Therefore, these shapes are suited for people who need more experience.

Aurora Borealis diamonds are known for their colorful elegance; these glittering diamonds are used in shimmering arts.

3D diamonds have three facets on each side of the diamond, called 3D; they are also used for normal Diamond Painting.

5D diamonds have five facets on each side of the diamond, hence called 5D; these diamonds are used for extraordinary Diamond Painting and have better colors, shades, and textures.

Tips and Tricks

  • To have an efficient experience with Diamond Painting Kits, you should start placing the diamonds in one section, do not place diamonds here and there; instead, select a section and complete it.
  • Read the color-coded scheme first to know which colors you need to use; avoid creating a mess by grabbing all colors at once; it may cause a mixing of colors.
  • To make it easier to pick diamonds, put the diamond bags in the tray and gently shake them back and forth; this will appropriately cause the adjustment of diamonds.
  • Do not remove plastic from the entire canvas to avoid dust issues from the area where you are not applying diamonds.
  • Cover the wax with cellophane so it doesn’t lose grip.
  • Use a chair for doing Diamond Painting.
  • Use tweezers for diamonds that are not applied properly.

Advantages of Diamond Painting

The advantages of Diamond Painting are as follows:

  1. Diamond Painting is a stress reliever
  2. Diamond Painting is a healthy activity for the brain
  3. Diamond Painting can make to amuse oneself
  4. Diamond Painting increases the belief in one’s self
  5. Diamond Painting may become a good hobby.
  6. Diamond Painting keeps you away from cellular devices and computers, which harm your health.


Excess of anything is bad, and if you leave the rest of your daily activities and focus on Diamond Painting, then it is disadvantageous.

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