Minimalist Bathroom

A Guide to Planning Your Minimalist Bathroom

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Minimalist design is a famous style for both the inside and outside of a building. It means removing everything that isn’t essential, so a minimalist bathroom is just as stylish as a minimalist living room.

Even though minimalism means not having a lot of things or decorations around, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it in style.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to make a stylish minimalist bathroom using premium supplies, crisp lines, and unique storage solutions.

How Do You Define a Minimalist Bathroom?

A minimalist bathroom does not have any things you don’t need. They are made to have only what you need and nothing else. People often mix up a minimalist bathroom with a modern bathroom because they both have clean lines and a focus on natural lighting. However, they are different.

  • Elegant Minimalist Design for Bathroom

People frequently associate minimalist interiors with dullness and drabness. However, there is a better situation. Even though minimalism in interior design stresses simplicity, a bathroom can still be attractive and stylish. 

With clean, straight lines and inventive storage solutions, such as baskets under sinks or freestanding shelves, simple layouts can make your bathroom feel soothing, luxurious, and functional.

  • Minimalist Signifies Fewer

A minimalist bedroom has fewer items than other rooms because you spend most of your time there sleeping. Unnecessary items detract from its function as a place to rest and refuel for another day of experiencing life to the fullest.

The same is true for bathrooms, which are designed to simplify getting ready rather than provide you with more options for bathroom items. It’s all about selecting functional items and using them to decorate your minimalist space.

  • Minimalist Doesn’t Mean Brand New

If you love design, try using some of your skills to design your bathroom minimally before you buy anything new. Minimalism is about having less, not more. If you need to buy things for your bathroom, ensure they go well together and keep the room neat and neat.

Tips to Create a Minimalist Bathroom

1. Freestanding Tub With a Solid Top

Source: Pexels

High-quality bathtubs can change the look of a modern, simple bathroom in a big way. Bathtub designs can be a beautiful showpiece or a modern center of attention in the bathroom. One can thoroughly unwind in a solid-surface bathtub. 

You can choose a freestanding bathtub as the main attraction of your minimalist bathroom design without disturbing the tranquil atmosphere. Round organic shapes and matte white finish express simplicity and elegance. 

You can search for a guide to installing freestanding tubs and choose from various forms, ranging from circular to 

asymmetrical to make sure that your tub fits the minimalist vibe.

2. Neutrals

Neutrals are always a good choice. For a minimalist bathroom, most interior designers use a color scheme with neutral colors. A room can look clean and straightforward if the tiles, paint, countertops, fixtures, bathtubs and decorations are all neutral colors. 

The sunlight from the windows and the white tile, gray cabinets, white bathtub installation and gray floors give the room a clean, modern look. In a minimalist bathroom, less is better. Most people consider lighter colors as neutrals, but dark gray is also an excellent bathroom color. 

3. Dark hues

Even though neutral colors can make a room feel more open and fresh, you shouldn’t be afraid to use dark colors. Darker colors can make a beautiful difference in a bathroom with only a few shades. For instance, a simple walk-in shower with gray tiles makes the room feel elegant. The darker tile has a classy look that the lighter gray tiles can’t match.

4. Modern Elements

There should be no surprise that minimalism and modernism go hand in hand. Both movements are characterized by their simplified designs, which feature clear lines, neutral color palettes, and minimal clutter. The quality of the modern details is the only thing that matters in the design because there is no trash to draw attention to.

5. Tile

Tiles can update a room for less money. A simple tile can add more personality to your bathroom without compromising your minimalist style. Adding just a touch of texture, color, or variety to the tile in one part of the bathroom is another great way to make a simple bathroom. 

6. Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in a simple bathroom. Beautiful lights with simple shapes and colors can warm the room. After all, you don’t want it to look or feel like a hospital. A chandelier would be more your style, giving your simple room the desired detail. 

No matter what, there are many things to choose from. Even though the lighting was soft and warm, you can also make lighting elements that stand out more.

7. Mirrors

Source: Pexels

Playing with different mirror forms can give your minimalist bathroom a new look. You can choose a trendy look by picking a square, rectangular, or circular shape. Or you could mess around with accents! You can choose a mirror with a gold frame to match your gold bathroom features.

8. Accents

Adding beautiful accents to a minimalist bathroom is an inventive design technique. It enables you to experiment with color while maintaining simplicity. 

With a backdrop of enormous subway tiles, blooms with a high contrast stand out. You may want to feel a bit posh and create a bathroom with an elegant appearance. Gold accents in a predominantly white restroom are an excellent strategy for some upscale designs.

9. Decor

Practicing minimalism does not preclude you from decorating your bathroom. Even though its purpose is to reduce congestion, your style is still unique. A hint of greenery in the form of a plant or a painting that suits your vision are examples of items that will add spice to your bathroom without causing it to become disorganized again. 

The key is to position them strategically. Use intricate patterns and darker hues to counteract your simplicity by breaking up your white space. 


Even though less isn’t always better, bathrooms usually look better with clear shelves, few ornaments, and an overall clean and organized feel. But that doesn’t mean you must give up your style and look modern or Scandinavian. 

You can be as strong or subtle as you want with a minimalist style. Creating a minimalist bathroom demands thorough preparation and deliberation. It entails streamlining your bathroom’s design and décor to create a tranquil and practical space.

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