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Plumbing Contractors – What They are and Why we Need Them

We all know what a plumber is and what they do. When you need a professional plumbing contractor, do your research to find the best one.
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We all know what a plumber is and what they do.

Did you know that plumbing contractors Perth are different from a standard plumber?

They learn a lot of the same skills and can perform many of the same jobs — but a contractor can do more. 

Read on to learn what a plumbing contractor is, why you should call them for plumbing repairs Perth, and how to find the best one.

Contractor Versus Standard Plumber

In many ways a plumbing contractor is the same as a plumber who works for a plumbing company. 

  • A contractor is different, though. 
  • Contractors have to go through additional testing, licensing, and training to call themselves contractors or perform the job as one. 
  • They are authorized to supervise teams of plumbers. 
  • The main jobs of a contractor are to supervise, make and read plans or blueprints, and plan for as well as acquire any needed permits. 
  • They have special skill sets that allow them to be better suited to work on any aspect of the plumbing system — especially if permits may be needed or there is extensive work to be done. 

Reasons to Call a Contractor

The top reason to call plumbing contractors Perth is when you want to do renovations in your home. 

  • This can include relocating plumbing appliances, piping, or fixtures. 
  • If you are adding to or changing your sewage system, you should call a contractor to draw up the plans and ensure they are followed. 
  • Another good reason to call a contractor is if you have a difficult plumbing issue, such as no water pressure or no water at all.
  • These issues may indicate a complication within the plumbing system, which a contractor can find easier by looking over the plans to see where blockages may be. 
  • If you see rusty colored water coming from your taps in the shower or sink, you may have rusted pipes. 
  • A plumbing contractor can ensure that the pipes are replaced with the correct type and that the system is up to code. 

Finding the Best Contractor

When you need a professional plumbing contractor, do your research to find the best one. 

  • Ask family, friends, or neighbors who they use. 
  • Shop around. 
  • Ensure the contractor has the proper license, certifications, and experience for the job. 
  • Discuss, in detail, what you need done, the size of the project, and any other details you can think of. 
  • Ask for a consultation to determine what actually needs to be done, how long the job may take, and an estimate of costs to complete the job.
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