Blackout Blinds

Using Blinds to Block Sunlight – Dual Roller Blinds or Blackout Blinds

Today we will talk about how to block out the sunlight with blinds, and which one to use to achieve the goal you have in mind. 
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Is your home getting too much sun? Not enough privacy? The solution to these issues can be fixed with blinds.

Which ones you use depends on the amount of privacy you want and how dark you wish to make your home. 

Today we will talk about how to block out the sunlight with blinds, and which one to use to achieve the goal you have in mind. 

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are great for the nursery, bedroom, TV room, or any place where you need to block out sunlight for a dark or flat out black room. 

They are designed to keep at least 95% of sunlight from filtering through.

Depending on how you have your blackout blinds set up, you can achieve 100% darkening of the room.  

As well as blocking light, blackout blinds also provide a filter for outside noise. 

These blinds are typically made from an opaque fabric, providing all the darkening magic. 

Blackout blinds not only provide light blocking and noise reduction, but also provide energy savings and privacy from prying eyes.

Dual Roller Blinds

Many people praise the amount of control that can be had with dual roller blinds.

Dual roller blinds or day/night blinds allow far more control than most blinds. 

You can opt to have two darkening shades, or one shade that is a sunscreen and a blackout shade.

For ultimate control of light, privacy, and your blind’s settings, you can buy dual roller blinds with a motorised control.

New technology also allows you to control these blinds remotely on your phone or using Google or Alexa.

Dual roller blinds come in many colours, prints, styles, and options — making them not only 100% effective, but also 100% customisable.

How to Find the Perfect Set of Blinds

When you decide to upgrade your window coverings to block out more light, you should think about all the features you need and want.

Always measure the window they will go in before you shop. 

Be mindful of how the blinds will be hung — inside the frame or outside the frame — measure accordingly.

It is wise to take a picture of the room you are installing the blinds in, or take a colour swatch to match with.  

To find the best price and quality, shop around and do some research. 

Look at online reviews.

Ask family, friends, and neighbors where they get their blinds. 

Talk to the sales clerk if you have any questions or need help? Selecting the right blinds to block out the proper amount of light.

For those who need more control over sunlight and privacy? Choosing between blackout blinds or dual roller blinds is the best option.

Dual roller blinds give you the option to block out only some light, or block all light if you need to.

Some refer to this as day and night blinds.

If you want complete darkness at all times, blackout blinds may be a better option.

Regardless of which you choose, measure your window and head to your local blinds store today to pick out the details of your new-found control over light and privacy.

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